• Messenger bag and tips on sewing with waxed cotton by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    A new Messenger Bag using waxed cotton

    A few years ago now, I made a messenger bag that I have absolutely loved and used so much it’s actually gone thread-bare in parts!  I’ve been debating making another one for a while because it was such a fun make, and decided one would be perfect for my Girl for her birthday. I also thought I’d have a go at using waxed cotton fabric for the fun of it and, being in the UK, it generally rains a lot here! I found a company which do an antiqued waxed Barbour type fabric and went with the Gold Stone colourway (just in case you’re interested!) I’d never used waxed cotton before and…

  • Green Triangle Quilt and Dream Green Wadding by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    A Green Quilt: Green fabric and Green wadding

    A while ago (longer than I really wish to admit!), Boy 2 asked if he could have a ‘Green Triangle quilt please, Mummy’. Of course, other things kept coming up and although I kept buying green fabrics when I saw them, I didn’t really make much progress!!! At the beginning of this year though, I decided that now was the time! I pulled out all the fabrics, looked at the notes I’d scribbled myself and set to for a massive chopping session. And then realised that my size measurements were based on when Boy 2 was a toddler, and promptly had to cut a load more!!!! At least it should…

  • Courthouse steps block cushion by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Go Orange! Patchwork Cushion raffle for MyelomaUK

    *** RAFFLE IS NOW CLOSED*** Nearly six years ago now, my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. It’s a blood cancer – one I’d never heard of before – accounting for only 2% of all cancers and is treatable but not currently curable. If you would like to read more about it, please check out the Myeloma UK site here. Mum continues to receive amazing treatment from the NHS, including Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and a Stem-cell transplant.  She recently started a further round of chemotherapy and I’ve been thinking about what could I do to help in some very small way? When I was little, I spent ages crafting and…

  • Luna Rabbit and Alfie Rabbit by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Luna and Alfie Rabbit

    Although there hasn’t been much blogging, there have been quite a few makes and designs so if you don’t mind, I thought I would show some of them over the coming weeks for Mondays Makes! I’m starting off with the lovely Beattie and Bertie Rabbit that I made for my parents – named by them, obviously, but otherwise known as Luna Lapin and Alfie Rabbit! I bought the book – Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel – as it includes the patterns for so many different items of clothing that you can really customise your Luna! I ordered a load of felt and some buttons for the eyes, arms and clothes from…

  • Travel Design Board Tutorial | fabric and flowers by Sonia Spence
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    Tutorial: Travel Design Board

    Hello! So, as we move towards half-term and with the summer holidays looming (honestly, doesn’t this year seem to be flying by?!) my mind always turns towards hand-sewing: something that I can take with me on days out or for when I can grab five minutes peace! I love hand-piecing in particular and always use a design board to plan my block and keep it together during sewing. I used this great tutorial by Bee Lori for my board and would highly recommend it! It uses a thick cardboard which is great for use at home, but not so practical when you’re out and about, so I came up with…