Mini Stash’n’Go – a drawstring bag for essentials!

I don’t know how you’ve found the last few months, but I’ve been finding it really difficult to sew: just haven’t had space (Mr f&f is in my sewing room) or the inspiration. So, I decided a quick make was in order!

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I decided to modify my Stash’n’Go circular drawstring bag tutorial to make a mini version because everything is always cuter when it’s smaller, right?!

The tutorial is now also available as an ad-free PDF pattern and includes full-size templates for a nominal sum, if you prefer printed/downloadable patterns.

Circular Drawstring Bag Tutorial - a Mini StashnGo!

The original bag measures 9″ when gathered, whereas the smaller, mini version measures just 5″ gathered – just look at the size difference!!!

the Original and Mini StashnGo Circular Drawstring Bag Tutorial!

This has been made for carrying around handbag essentials, or maybe even as a gift bag that can actually be put to use afterwards?! I think I’ll be making a lot of these for (dare I say it……Christmas!)

If you fancy making a smaller version too, here are the measurements I used, along with a few changes, as I fancied experimenting!!!

Circular Drawstring Bag Tutorial - a Mini StashnGo!
  • I used a circle cutter to make a template with a 4.5″ radius
  • Fusible Interfacing instead of wadding because the bag is smaller, I didn’t want it to be as bulky. This also meant no quilting, so even quicker!
  • A smaller bag means the closure didn’t need to be as strong to gather it all together, so I cut fabric strips 1.5″ wide and folded into four, before stitching along the outside edge.
Mini Circular Drawstring Bag Tutorial - based on the Stash'n'Go Bag Tutorial!

If you would like to make your own mini stash’n’go bag, you can find the original free tutorial here.

If you’ve been going through a sewing slump too, I hope this inspires you to find your own mini-project to get your sew-jo back!

Let me know if you make a #stashngobag – I would love to see them!

S x

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Circular Drawstring Bag Tutorial - the Stash'n'Go!

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