• My favourite 5 must have sewing tools by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    My favourite must-have sewing tools

    Did you see the #greatbritishquilter event that happened over on Instagram during September? It runs for the whole month and is organised by Sarah Ashford Studio and Very Kerry Berry. It’s a great way of getting to know/find other quilters, and there are prompts for what to post each day to help everyone get to know one another. By the end of the month, you will most likely have a longer wish-list of fabrics/patterns and projects than you started out with, and more friends too! The prompt for one of the days’ was ‘flatlay‘ – making an arrangement of items to tell a story and taking a picture from above. I…

  • The Big Pocket Advent Calendar sewing pattern with pockets big enough to hold treats for the whole family by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    New Pattern – Big Pocket Advent Calendar

    Today I thought it would be good fun to share my Big Pocket Advent Calendar pattern with you……talking about it in September seems a little soon, but I’ve seen Christmas Cards in the shop so I guess that almost makes it okay?! This pattern had been simmering in my mind for a little while to be honest. For years, I’ve been looking at the advent calendar panels that you can buy – they’re all so lovely and they look like the start of a fun family tradition….. But! I never fancied making three. Let alone have the wall space to hang them all! And the pockets were never quite big…

  • Sewing the Huxley Bag - a convertible rucksack (Goheen Designs) by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Sewing the Huxley Bag – a convertible rucksack

    A little while ago, I was debating designing a new bag. My messenger bag was threadbare and I’d cut it apart to remove the hardware for my daughters’ bag! I wanted a bag that I could convert from a shoulder/ crossbody bag into a rucksack and although I had come across quite a few – I especially liked this one – they weren’t quite what I wanted. Then I saw the Huxley Bag by Goheen Designs and I was smitten. The idea of using rivets and other hardware seemed like good fun! Originally, I’d hoped to have it finished in time for Festival of Quilts, but that didn’t quite happen……kids,…

  • Messenger bag and tips on sewing with waxed cotton by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    A new Messenger Bag using waxed cotton

    A few years ago now, I made a messenger bag that I have absolutely loved and used so much it’s actually gone thread-bare in parts!  I’ve been debating making another one for a while because it was such a fun make, and decided one would be perfect for my Girl for her birthday. I also thought I’d have a go at using waxed cotton fabric for the fun of it and, being in the UK, it generally rains a lot here! I found a company which do an antiqued waxed Barbour type fabric and went with the Gold Stone colourway (just in case you’re interested!) I’d never used waxed cotton before and…

  • Clip'n'Pincushion by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    The Clip’n’Pincushion

    Hello! Today I thought I’d talk about the inspiration behind the clip’n’pincushion that was launched a few months ago. To be honest, this mostly came about as a result of my lack-lustre sewing habits!!! I love using wonder clips as I find them so useful…do you ever use them? Mine are in constant rotation – holding thick layers of fabric together, keeping pattern pieces together for quilting and dressmaking, keeping blocks together in order whilst sewing a quilt top together, clipping binding in place……..the possibilities are endless! I’m not quite so good at tidying them away as I go along though – tending to throw them in the vague direction of…