Tova with a touch of Liberty

Sewing a Wiksten Tova tunic top with a hint of liberty and some pattern tips by fabricandflowers

I don’t know if it’s because I was doing so much quilting in the lead up to Easter, but I’ve had a real craving for some dressmaking lately, and the Tova was high on my wishlist! The one I’d made a few years back felt a bit snug and the sleeves had always bugged me because they were at the length which meant that every time I stretched my arms they would get caught on my elbow!!!! So I dug this chambray out of my stash with the idea of making a light and floaty summer tunic. It was a bit too see-through, so shirt it was!

I double-checked the measurements and ended up making the Small again but the fit feels a lot better this time. The only thing that I can think is that first time around I wasn’t so careful on my seam allowance (this pattern has a 3/8″ seam allowance and I think I did french seams on my last one and it was one of the first garments I sewed, so there’s always going to be errors, right?!) and that maybe the fabric shrunk a bit in the wash? To be doubly sure though, I used a scant seam allowance on the side seams.

Sewing a Wiksten Tova tunic top with a hint of liberty and some pattern tips by fabricandflowers

I was worried that the chambray would look a bit too plain and after a bit of thinking came up with adding a touch of Liberty to the collar, placket and sleeve bands for a bit of contrast and fun. I’m really pleased with how it worked out and have to say it’s a lovely way of adding a bit of luxury – with only a little bit of fabric – to what could have otherwise been a fairly boring shirt. And it makes me smile every time I wear it (and squint in the sun too!)

Pattern deets;  

  • Pattern::: Wiksten Tova
  • Size::: Small
  • Adjustments::: cut 2 additional placket pieces in Liberty, shortened the height of the collar by 1/4″ and curved the ends (a la Kerry’s Tova Along tutorial); lengthened the sleeves (although in all honesty I probably could have done with another inch or so!); lengthened the tunic by a few inches.
Sewing a Wiksten Tova Liberty tunic dress and some pattern tips by fabricandflowers

It was so much fun and I’m loving wearing it. I’ve already got another summer Tova dress planned (in Liberty Lawn, here’s a sneak peek for you!) and then I also want to make a autumn/winter version a bit later in the year.

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  1. I know what you mean about dressmaking- I've made two and an almost-pair-of-shorts-if-I-had-got-the-size-right so far this year. Your Tova seems to fit nice, mine I made a few years ago looks like a maternity top!

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