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Behind the scenes::: are there benefits of living with a sewist?!

On this weeks Behind the Scenes Mr f&f is waxing lyrical about the alleged benefits of living with a sewist……

I rarely moan.  I can live with the loss of the study to the fabric stash, and even the overflow of work in progress projects to the rest of the house.  I try to be the supportive Mr F&F I hope you hear lots about.  The upside of having somebody so skilled under our roof is that niggling defects in everyday items of clothing can be resolved with the merest wave of a needle and thread….. or so I thought. 

I understand that these little jobs cannot hold the fascination of piecing a 70 x 70 quilt or shopping online for fabric.  I did raise an eyebrow however when it took Mrs F&F 4 years to sew up a hole in the inside pocket lining of my main work suit.  In the intervening years the jacket has absorbed countless receipts for expenses and at least 3 different biros who let go of their lids expecting the comforting embrace of the pocket.  Imagine their anguish as they plummeted straight into the abyss of the suit lining (it’s no walk in the park fishing the blighters out either)!  I’ve watched dresses, quilts, bags, cushions and more all come into existence whilst my pocket acted as a mini black hole.  

It is now fixed, and is holding fast.  The quality of the repair will undoubtedly see out the life of the suit, and most probably me.  There’s a teddy bear in our utility room awaiting the skilled reattachment of an ear.  NHS waiting lists are nothing in comparison to his predicted treatment date of July 2018.

As you can see Fluffy (the teddy bear in question!) has now had his ear reattached, finally! Is it bad if I also admit to using a Sharpie to label school clothes….I don’t want to use my precious sewing time sewing on name tags!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Today’s sky ● miserable, grey and raining. Boo!