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Tutorial – Mini Charm Medallion Cushion, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Mini Charm Medallion Patchwork Cushion Tutorial! It’s a fun little project that doesn’t need much fabric – just one mini charm pack and one Fat Quarter (or you could raid your scrap bin!) and uses a lot of the basic quilting skills that were covered in #QuiltingTheory.

You can find Part 1 here where the materials, cutting preparation and instructions are detailed.

Mini Charm Medallion Patchwork Cushion tutorial

Today, we are going to finish our cushion top (or mini quilt/table runner….whatever you fancy!) by adding the final borders.

Border 3

  • Take 2 (two) 2″ x 6.5″ strips. Place Right Sides together on opposite sides of the Centre Star, and sew. Press border pieces away from centre block.
Mini Charm Medallion Cushion Part 2, attaching the borders
  • Take 2 (two) remaining 2″ x 6.5″ strips and 4 (four) 2″ squares.
  • Place a square either end of each strip, and sew Right Sides Together. Press.
  • Place strips on the remaining side edges of the star and sew. To help with accuracy, nest the seams of the corner blocks, pressing them towards the strip.

Finished size: 14″ including seam allowance.

Border 4 – HSTs and 4-patch cornerstone

  • Pair 18 (eighteen) mini charm squares Right Sides Together with background squares and make HSTs using the same method as for the Centre Star.
Mini Charm Medallion Cushion Part 2, chain piecing HSTs
  • Sew 2 (two) HST strips to opposite sides of the mini-charm medallion top.
  • Arrange and sew together into 4 (four) strips of 9 (nine) HSTs – I like to chain-piece mine together in rows, as pictured above for speed and also so that I don’t lose my arrangement!

TIPS FOR SEWING HST BORDER: press the seams open to reduce bulk. Sew with the wrong side of the HSTs facing up – this helps to ensure that all the seams are open as you sew, as well as ensuring that your stitching line matches the bottom points of the triangles.

  • Take the 2 (two) remaining mini charm squares and background squares Measure and draw a line 1.25″ from one edge of either the mini charm or background squares (depending on which one will show the line better!)
  • Pair a mini charm and background square Right Sides Together. Sew 1/4″ either side of the pencil line on both squares (A).
  • Cut each pair in two by cutting along the pencil line, for a total of 4 (four) units. Finger press open. Draw a line 1.25″ from one edge at a right angle to the join to form squares and again sew 1/4″ either side of this line (B).
  • Cut each unit in half again along the pencil line to provide 4 (four) 4-patch units to go in each corner.
Mini Charm Medallion Cushion Part 2, joining the HST border
  • Place a 4-patch unit at each end of the two remaining HST strips and sew, before joining to the remaining sides. Press.

Finished size: 17″ including seam allowance.

Mini Charm Medallion Patchwork Cushion tutorial

And there we go – all finished!

I made mine into a cushion with a hidden zip……you can find a tutorial here. It’s one of my favourite, quick ways of achieving a lovely looking zip with minimum effort!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial – do let me know if you have any questions. And don’t forget to use #minicharmmedallion if you do make one!

S x

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Mini Charm Medallion Patchwork Cushion tutorial