• Zippy Pouch Along - finishing the (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch, pattern by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Zippy Pouch Along – finishing the Zippy Pouch!

    Hello! Are you ready for the finishing touches on your (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch?! The final step is adding the binding and, if you wish, a zipper pull. I prefer a narrow binding of 2″ but if you like a thicker binding please alter to your own measurements. When attached the binding, it is important to remember that we are using a width of fabric strip around corners, so we need to ease the fabric in to get a nice smooth binding. I have found that the best way to do this, is by pinning the binding on from the front. Normally, I will pin in the centre of…

  • Zippy Pouch Along - joining the (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch together, pattern by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Zippy Pouch Along – Joining the Pouch Together

    Hello there and welcome back to the second part in the sew-along! By now, you should have all the different pieces of the (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch (pattern available here) interfaced, quilted and pockets all made. Now, we’re going to join the zip band to the pocket/lining before sewing the two layers together. Adding the Pocket Sides to the Zip Pocket When I attach the pocket side, I always like to start stitching at the bottom, working up towards the top. I stitch until the needle runs off the end of the fabric, and then stitch forwards/backwards a couple of times. As the zip sits lower than the pocket…

  • Zippy Pouch Along - preparing the pieces and zipper tips by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Zippy Pouch Along – constructing the zip band, lining and pocket sides

    Hello there! Shall we get started with the (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch?! You may find it helpful – if you haven’t done so already – to print out the Cutting Instructions (page 4/5) and the Measurement Guide (page 18/19) relevant to the pouch size you are making. Although not necessary, you may find it helps to keep a track of the pattern if you are working off a screen. I’m making a Not So Little Zippy pouch and have made a patchwork front panel with some lovely scraps I had lying around. I ironed my favourite interfacing to the back – I find it sticks well and adds a nice…