Joyful QAL Christmas Cushion – Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Joyful Quilt Along – who’s excited?! This week we will be making the Christmas Trees and heart block……how Christmassy is that? It also gives us the opportunity to practise some FPP and appliqué skills!

To make the Joyful QAL blocks, make sure that you have signed up here to be sent the FREE templates that you need for each of the blocks, or you can buy an ad-free pattern (which includes all block instructions and templates) in one handy file here.

Join the free Joyful QAL and make a Christmas Themed Cushion. Instructions for Week 1

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So, let’s get started…..

To Make the Christmas Trees Block

Join the free Joyful QAL Cushion and make this Foundation Paper Pieced Christmas Tree block. Includes tips and tricks for FPP.
  • Take fabric for section 1a and place it on the back of the template. Check it is covering the section (holding it up to a window can be helpful) and glue in position (this glue pen is awesome for FPP!).
  • Fold back section 1b on the sewing (solid) line, and aligning a quilting ruler with the folded edge of the template, trim the fabric leaving a 1/4” seam allowance. 
  • Take the fabric for section 1b and place it Right Sides Together with Fabric 1a, aligning the raw edges along the fold line that you made. Turn the template over and stitch along the sewing line.
  • Fold section 1b fabric up towards the template and use a dab of glue to hold in position. Repeat these steps for the remaining pieces 1c – 1g.
  • Once all the sections have been covered, trim the section to size (the dotted line).
  • Repeat for Section 2a-2f and 3a-3f.
  • Lay the sections out in the correct order
  • Place Section 1 and Section 2 Right Sides Together (use the writing in the seam allowance as a guide for matching seams) and sew together (E)
  • Repeat with Section 1/2 and Section 3.
  • Remove all the papers from the back of the template.
  • Press the seams open.

To Make the Heart Block

  • Finished Block Size: 4″ square
  • Materials Needed;
    • Heart: 3″ x 3 1/2
    • Background: 4 1/2” square
    • Templates
Join the free Joyful QAL Cushion and make this appliqué heart block. Includes tips and tricks for appliqué.
  • Using the template, draw the outline of the shape on the front of the fabric, and cut out leaving a 1/4” seam allowance.
  • [Optional] I like to fold the seam allowance under and finger press to crease (F).
  • Fold the background fabric in half width wise and finger press to find the central line.
  • Position heart wrong side down on the background fabric, so that the bottom and the top ‘V’ of the heart are on the central line and it is 1” from the top/bottom edge of fabric. Pin in place.
  • Starting on a straight edge, slip stitch around the heart. 
  • At the “V” of the heart, snip upto but not through the drawn line (G) and turn the fabric under (H).
  • At the bottom point of the heart, reduce the seam allowance to turn under.

To make the Joyful QAL cushion, you can find all the posts here and don’t forget to sign-up to be sent the templates;

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Happy Stitching!

S x

Today’s sky: overcast, grey and So. Much. Rain!

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