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Musical Tumbler Quilt

Back in the summer, I was catching up on blogs when I came across Lynne’s Vinyl Quilt and I knew immediately that I would have to get some: our friends were expecting a baby and the Dad-to-be and my husband love their music so it seemed appropriate to make a music themed baby quilt. It might also mean that the quilt would be useful way beyond the baby years!

Musical Tumbler Quilt

I got four prints from the orange colourway and added in three blender fabrics. I have to confess, I wasn’t sure of the orange and brown but I think they help to balance out the busyness of the novelty prints! 

I went with a giant tumbler block, making up a template measuring 9″ across the bottom, 5″ across the top and 8.5″ high.

Musical Tumbler Quilt

It was my first time doing a tumbler block and after a few nerves around joining the first blocks I found it quick and easy to put together.

The key is to offset the blocks slightly – by about 1/4″. That way, once the seam has been sewn and you fold the tumblers out, they are in a straight line.

All in, it took just a few hours to make a quilt top measuring around 46″ square!

I  kept the quilting really simple sewing 1/4″ either side of each seam and backed it with the ever popular Ikea numbers fabric (although it was my first time using it!)

Musical Tumbler Quilt

I bound it with the same green fabric that was used in the quilt to try and balance out the orange (which isn’t quite as bright as these pictures indicate, but is still a strong colour), added a little label with the babies name and her date of birth and was ready to send off. Hopefully, it will get lots of use in its new home!


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