Christmas Mini-Tutorial: Fabric plant-pot cover

For the last in my Christmas mini-makes series, I’m going to share how to make a shaped plant-pot cover (or planter? I’m never quite sure?!) as I’ve gained a few extra plants this year that need a pretty home.

The pots could equally be used as a trinket basket and being reversible give a few different options!

DIY Tutorial for a shaped fabric planter pot

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This is also a great little project for using up scraps of fabric and wadding, and perfect for practising quilting, or trying out those decorative stitches on your machine!

They are a relatively quick little make – I have simplified the pattern as much as possible and have even pulled together a free template to make marking it up even easier! The trickiest bit is inserting the base into the bottom of the pot. I will share some tips for tackling this, and if you go slowly it is totally achievable!

DIY Tutorial for a shaped fabric planter pot

Materials Needed

  • 1 FQ
  • Wadding Scrap, 5″ x 20″
  • Quilters Ruler
  • Washable fabric marker
  • Wonder Clips
  • Pins
  • Templates
  • Optional
    • For a firmer pot: use interfacing on the outer fabric or fusible wadding.
    • Alternative fabrics;
      • Home Decorating weight/canvas fabrics will help to give a firmer pot, and may reduce the need for wadding.
      • Use Ripstop fabric/plastic for the lining to make the pot some elements of waterproofness!
  • All Seam Allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise stated

Prepare Fabrics

From the FQ cut;

  • One (1) strip of fabric 4 1/2” high by 20″ wide for the outside of the pot.
  • One (1) strip of fabric 4 1/4″ high by 20″ wide for the inside of the pot.

If you would like to add binding at the top of the pot, cut one (1) piece of fabric 1 1/4” high x 14 3/4” wide.

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Make the Outer Pot

Take one (1) piece of fabric and lay wrong side down on to the wadding. Quilt as desired.

From the quilted strip cut a piece 14 3/4″ long. Trim to 4 1/4″ high – this is the outer pot.

DIY Tutorial for a shaped fabric planter pot

With the remaining piece of quilted strip, use the Base Template to cut out a circle.

Take the outer pot strip and place right side down, so that the wadding is facing you.

Using the fabric marker, mark a 1/4” line along each narrow end for the seam allowance.

Across the top edge, mark every 2 3/8(this stage is optional but I find it helps to give more accurate placement of the template!)

Using the fabric pot template and the guide marks along the top edge, draw along the shaped edges at the bottom of the strip.

Turn the strip so that the ‘Vs’ are at the top. Fold the strip in half Right Sides Together at the centre point of the ‘V’ so that the top edges match. Use a clip to hold in place.

Sew along the dart, securing the stitches at each end. Repeat for each ‘V’, and the strip will start to curve.

To join the strip, match the two narrow ends Right Sides Together. Starting at the bottom of the pot, sew along the diagonal line (the half ‘V’) and then along the straight edge.

Using scissors, carefully trim the excess wadding from the seam allowances.

Take the base, and fold in half to find the centre line. Place a pin at each end. Open out and fold the pins towards each other (folding in half in the other direction). Again, place a pin at each end.

Take the outer pot and match the join with the opposite dart. Place a pin each side where there is a crease.

Match the pins/joins of the outer pot with the base, pinning from the base side.

To sew the base in position, place under the machine with the base facing you (outer pot at the bottom), and begin slowly stitching around the circumference of the pot.

It can take a little patience as it is a small circle, but a few tricks to help are;

  • Lift the presser foot to rearrange the fabric underneath and stop any bunching. I found it helped to do this in each section.
  • Sew slower than you would normally. This helps to prevent any redos!

[Optional] Trim excess wadding from the seam allowance. Turn the pot inside out, roll the sides down (wrong sides together) and place under your sewing machine. Making sure that the seam allowance is folded underneath the base, edge-stitch just inside the base. I found this helps to give a better shape to the pot.

Make the Inner Pot

Using just the lining fabric, follow the same process as for the outer pot for marking the dart lines.

Depending on how you are finishing the pot;

  • Without Binding:
    • Sew each of the darts as for the outer cover.
    • To join the ends together, sew from the bottom, following the line as a guide. After you reach the straight edge, stop and secure stitches.
    • Leave a 2″ gap (for turning the pot through to the right side – indicated on the template) before continuing stitching to the end of the seam.
  • With Binding:
    • Sew as for the outer cover (no gap is needed for turning).
DIY Tutorial for a shaped fabric planter pot

Finishing the Fabric Planter

With no contrasting top;

  • Place the outer pot inside the lining, Right Sides Together. I like to match up the seams of the pot.
  • Stitch around the top of the pot, until you have gone all the way around. Trim any excess wadding within the seam allowance.
  • Pull the fabric pot through the hole in the lining.
  • Push the lining fabric inside the pot. Press around the edge to get a nice crisp edge.
  • To close up the hole in the lining pieces, fold the raw edges over and stitch the hole – this can be done either by hand or machine. 
  • Top-stitch around the edge of the pot to secure the layers.

With a contrasting top;

  • Place the pot lining inside the outer pot (wrong sides together).
  • Clip in position. Baste to secure the layers together.
  • Take the binding strip and sew the narrow ends together.
    • Place around the top outside edge of the outer pot, Right Sides Together. Use clips to hold in position.
    • Turn the pot inside out to sew in place (you may find it useful to use a walking foot/slightly pull on the fabric, as the binding will naturally want to bunch up).
    • Press the binding up and over the edge of the pot.
    • Fold the raw edge of the binding up and under to meet the fold inside the pot. Clip in place.
    • Machine/hand sew the binding in place.
DIY Tutorial for a shaped fabric planter pot

Now find a gorgeous plant (this one is a Monstera Adansoni, I just love the holey leaves!) to put in your new planter and place in a spot in your room where you can see it all the time. Or if you can bear to part with it, gift to a plant-loving friend!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and if you do DIY a Fabric Plant Pot I would love to see it – please tag it #fabricandflowerspot so that I can see it on Instagram,


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