Clearing the sewing decks

Ooohhh, it’s been a while since I first started on my Lisette Continental Blouse back in June. I’m trying to sort out my craft space, and one of my goals is to finish off all of those WIPs/alterations/refashions that are hanging around. The Continental Blouse was at the top of my list – I love the fabric and we’re just coming into the right season for wearing a long-sleeved top. And my wardrobe definitely needs some new items!

Sewing the Lisette Continental blouse and pattern review with modifications by fabricandflowers

Although I’m only a little way into my clothes making journey compared to many, I’m finding myself to be much more critical with the fit of my self-made clothes and honest about whether or not I will actually wear it once finished. If I can I will often check out finished items that other people have made and read through their comments and thoughts on the pattern construction and fit.

Before starting this top I’d read a few different reviews from people who had made their size and had a brilliant fit whereas others commented that the next time they would probably go down a size. I also found this which actually meant I’d need to go up a couple of sizes which seemed crazy given the amount of ease there is in the pattern.

In the end I decided on a size 10, and I got pretty much most of it done in that first weekend and then everything ground to a halt: I made a couple of mistakes on the seam allowance, and to be honest, wasn’t too happy with the fit either and lost a bit of momentum.

Sewing the Lisette Continental blouse and pattern review with modifications by fabricandflowers

I’m a bit of a naughty sewer and didn’t make a muslin (gasp!) so once I tried it on I noticed a couple of things about the fit: around the hips it was fine but very swingy around my top half. The bust darts were a bit high up, the sleeves were very big and it felt quite snug under the arm. So I set to with the seam ripper and ended up making quite a few adjustments;

  • Lowering the armstyce by 1/4″ from the edge to the first marker
  • Lowered the bust dart by 3/4″ (I know that I’ve had 3 children but still, even in my teens I’m not sure that I was ever that….errr……pert!!!)
  • Taking a 1/4″ off the side seam from the underarm down to the waist
  • Taking a 1/4″ off the sleeve seam
  • Added a couple of inches to the length of the tunic and the sleeves

And this is how it ended up looking….

Sewing the Lisette Continental blouse and pattern review with modifications by fabricandflowers
Sewing the Lisette Continental blouse and pattern review with modifications by fabricandflowers


Pattern::: Lisette Continental Blouse 2059, size 10
Fabric::: 2m of Swallows Grey by Katie Kandles (Cotton, £3.49pm)
Mods::: all detailed above

I am so pleased with it and glad I took the extra time to make all the adjustments: I feel really happy wearing it and can see myself getting lots of use from it over the coming autumn/winter.

Having figured out how to fit it properly I can see myself making more of these, maybe some plain with some detail on it (I’ve got an idea!) or out of a softer more fluid fabric. The only other amendments that I think I would make would be to cut a size 8 for the top middle section of the back – it has a very slight gape on this top – nothing horrendous but having it the next size down would just give an even better fit I think.

Now on to the next thing to clear my sewing decks, rather than starting the Lisette Portfolio Tunic which I’m desperate to try out!!!!

S x

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  1. Thanks E! I was so drawn to the fabric when I saw it and am hoping to get as much wear out of it as you have with your tunics. And I'm not sure that I'm clever so much as daft! One day it won't work out so well…..!!! Sx

  2. It's still early days for me too! I remember my mum making me school summer dresses when I was little. And Christmas play angel costumes – of course! Sx

  3. It's lovely Sonia! And so wearable. That fabric is delightful. I made two similar style blouses from a French pattern last year and have worn them a lot over the summer with jeans and denim skirts – very versatile. Looking forward to seeing the Portfolio Tunic in due course. You are very clever (and brave!) to make the adjustments and achieve the right fit. Well done you! E x

  4. Oh lovely lovely top. I remeber mum making things for me from sewing patterns, i've never got the hang of warp and weft myself!

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