• Tutorial - how to add zipper pulls to the (Not So) Little Zippy Pouch using mini macarons by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Tutorial: Adding a Zip Pull using Mini Macarons

    Hello there! Well, this morning I’ve just finished off a zip pull – one of those fantastic 5-10min project that makes you feel so happy with the end result,  that I just had to hop on and share it with you! A little while ago, I’d ordered a few things from the Rose Garden Patchwork (a new-to-me online shop) which specialises in Japanese fabrics.  Obviously, I’d ordered a couple of fat quarters (!) but also added to my basket these Mini Macaron’s: they are like buttons that you can cover with fabric but without the shank.  So you can place them together to cover the end of zip-tabs….I’d never seen…

  • Sewing the Huxley Bag - a convertible rucksack (Goheen Designs) by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence
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    Sewing the Huxley Bag – a convertible rucksack

    A little while ago, I was debating designing a new bag. My messenger bag was threadbare and I’d cut it apart to remove the hardware for my daughters’ bag! I wanted a bag that I could convert from a shoulder/ crossbody bag into a rucksack and although I had come across quite a few – I especially liked this one – they weren’t quite what I wanted. Then I saw the Huxley Bag by Goheen Designs and I was smitten. The idea of using rivets and other hardware seemed like good fun! Originally, I’d hoped to have it finished in time for Festival of Quilts, but that didn’t quite happen……kids,…

  • Pencil case for your notebook - the Notebook Buddy by fabricandflowers | Sonia Spence

    New Pattern – a pencil case for your notebook. The Notebook Buddy!

    Today I’m sharing my latest pattern with you –  a pencil case pouch that can be attached to a notebook or planner with an elastic strap – the Notebook Buddy! I don’t know about you, but I nearly always have at least one notebook with me at any one time, but trying to find a pen when I need it – and one that works! – is always the tricky part…. I’ve also been dabbling with bullet journaling this year to try and keep on top of the to-do list and stay motivated. I’m not the best at drawing though, so bought a few stencils to make my pages look…

  • Travel Design Board Tutorial | fabric and flowers by Sonia Spence
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    Tutorial: Travel Design Board

    Hello! So, as we move towards half-term and with the summer holidays looming (honestly, doesn’t this year seem to be flying by?!) my mind always turns towards hand-sewing: something that I can take with me on days out or for when I can grab five minutes peace! I love hand-piecing in particular and always use a design board to plan my block and keep it together during sewing. I used this great tutorial by Bee Lori for my board and would highly recommend it! It uses a thick cardboard which is great for use at home, but not so practical when you’re out and about, so I came up with…

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    Crafting and Bouncing!

    It’s been a fun week! The 1st of March was beautifully sunny which resulted in a little bit of crafting and a  little bit of bouncing!!!! Am not sure if I mentioned I had a bit of a sort-out of my knitting and crochet stash the other day??? Ooohhh, it was a little bit scary, I can tell you. I was very good though, I kept projects-worth of stuff (I can see a lot of socks in my future, I hadn’t realised what a sock-yarn addiction I had!) and sorted what was left-over into bags: one for people who knit blankets for dogs and another for swapping. It felt very…