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Mindful Quilt Along

Welcome to the fabric & flowers Mindful Quilt Along! A 12-month program where we will make one type of block each month so that we can practise crafting and sewing for 15-30mins a day.

Please find detailed below everything you should need to know and you can read more about the inspiration behind the quilt along here.

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Mindful Quilt Along Goal

To practise and create the habit of sewing each day (with the bonus of a beautiful quilt at the end of it!),  rather than feeling stressed that you are falling behind a schedule.

I will actively encourage you to be creative and tailor the Quilt Along to suit you, either from the beginning or as we progress.

I know that sometimes, life happens! Hopefully, by having the Mindful QAL to focus on, it will give you that little bit of escapism that we all need!

What will the Quilt Along Include?

The Quilt Along is based on just twelve (12) block designs – one for each month.

The blocks have been chosen for;

  • Ease of making – Each one is relatively simple and shouldn’t take more than 15-30mins to sew up.
  • Learning skills – hand-piecing, sewing curves, applique, prepping and organising blocks.
  • Versatility – many of the blocks can be put together in different ways to create different patterns. Different options will be covered each month so that you can personalise your quilt.
  • Scrap Busting – if you have a stash of fabric you would like to work through, this is an ideal project! Each block finishes at 4” and you will need pieces of fabric a minimum 1.5” square up to 5” square maximum.
  • Progress Trackers – because it’s always good to see that those little moments each day are adding up to something bigger!

I provide three (3) very different layouts for you to choose from. These are each very different in style and the number of blocks that you will need to make each month;

  • Version 1: Modern Scrappy Sampler / 240 blocks / 20 blocks per month / 60” x 64”
  • Version 2: Traditional Sampler 1 / 144 blocks / 12 blocks per month / 61” x 61”
  • Version 3: Traditional Sampler 2 / 108 blocks / 9 blocks per month / 40” x 53”

I have gone for a maximum of five (5) blocks a week to allow for five (5) days of Mindful Sewing and two (2) days of Mindful Planning/Prepping.

Who Can Take Part?


As already mentioned above, I have chosen blocks which are easy to put together (achievable in a short period of time each) but can be used in different ways to create varying patterns.

Each month, when you receive the block instructions, I will include step-by-step details for how to cut and piece the block so that everyone can join in!

I will also include videos within the Facebook Group.

What Equipment is Needed?

As the project is based on hand-sewing, minimal equipment is needed. Really, you just need a needle and thread and some good scissors.

If you are new to patchwork and quilting, I would recommend at the very least buying a small cutting mat, ruler set and rotary cutter – I have put a list of all my favourite items together here if you would like to have a look!


Sign-ups for the Mindful QAL will be available until the 15th January 2020. After this date, it will close.

When you have purchased the Mindful QAL you will receive an email including;

  • Colouring sheets for the three (3) different quilt versions – including fabric quantities – so that you can start to plan how yours might look. See this post for details of how to colour in your layout digitally.
  • Private Facebook Group details.

Details for Block 1 will be sent out on the 8th January 2020, with following blocks being sent on the 1st of each month.

The Mindful Quilt Along is available for an upfront payment of £27 (depending on exchange rates, this is equivalent to c. $35 USD) and can be purchased here:

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. Thanks.