Do you want to create a daily stitching habit?

Are you looking for a project that is broken down into easy bite-size sections so that you can practise and enjoy the calming effects of mindful stitching each day?

Have you wondered what it would be like to stitch every day?

I first experienced the benefit of stitching on a daily basis a few years ago now, although back then it was crochet!

I would sit down after lunch with a cup of tea and complete just one row of a blanket.

It felt strange to dedicate such a short amount of time, but having a small task that was easily achievable in 15-30 minutes gave such a sense of accomplishment in the day. The task was repetitive and I found the whole process very calming – or mindful, if you’d rather!

That’s not to say that some days I didn’t fall behind. Life happens! But I would always get back on track, and eventually, I had a whole blanket!

I found during the year that when I was managing to stitch every day, life was going well and fairly calm. When I fell behind was when life was hectic and out of balance.

The main challenges to daily stitching for me were….


In a busy life, it can be hard to make time for a project which includes lots of techniques, shapes and pieces.


A project needs to fit in with you – skill, goals and targets.


They say it takes 66 days to create a new habit. It’s important to feel that you are making progress each day


The Mindful Quilt Project

A project that is planned to take 12-months and will help you practise and create the habit of sewing for just 15-30 minutes a day, with the bonus of a beautiful quilt at the end of it.

Mindful Quilt Project

The project has been carefully designed for;

  • Ease of making: each block is relatively simple and shouldn’t take more than 15-30mins to sew up.
  • Learning skills: step-by-step instructions for hand-piecing (although you can easily machine piece!), sewing curves, applique, prepping and organising blocks.
  • Versatility: many of the blocks can be put together in different ways to create different patterns. Different options will be covered each month so that you can personalise your quilt.
  • Scrap Busting: if you have a stash of fabric you would like to work through, this is an ideal project! Each block finishes at 4” and you will need pieces of fabric a minimum 1.5” square up to 5” square maximum.
  • Tracking Progress: because it’s always good to see that those little moments each day are adding up to something bigger!

What’s included?

A 56 page e-book containing


Twelve (12) block designs


Full-Size Templates


Three (3) Quilt Designs


Annual/Monthly Progress Trackers

Total price £19
Mindful Quilt Project sewing project

The quilts are designed to be made over a year (although you can always make it quicker if you want!) with a new block each month.

This is so that each month, you can focus on the process of stitching rather than constantly trying to learn new blocks.

What are the Quilt Designs?

The pack includes three (3) very different designs for you to choose from. They all vary in style and the number of blocks that are needed so that you can tailor the Mindful Quilt to your life.

Because the blocks are all the same size, it is easy to reposition them, if you decide a different layout would work better with the fabric that you’re using!

Modern Sampler: introducing the Mindful Quiltalong, a 12-month program for stitchers of all levels.

Modern Scrappy Sampler
240 Blocks / 20 Blocks per Month
60” x 64”

Traditional Sampler 1: introducing the Mindful Quiltalong, a 12-month program for stitchers of all levels.

Traditional Sampler 1
144 Blocks / 12 Blocks per Month
61” x 61”

Traditional Sampler 2: introducing the Mindful Quiltalong, a 12-month program for stitchers of all levels.

Traditional Sampler 2
108 Blocks / 9 Blocks per Month
40” x 53”

Who Can Make This?


The blocks are easy to put together (achievable in a short period of time each) but can be used in different ways to create varying patterns.

The e-book is broken down into months and includes step-by-step details for how to cut and piece the block, full-size templates and a progress tracker.

What Equipment is Needed?

As the project is based on hand-sewing, minimal equipment is needed. Really, you just need a needle and thread and some good scissors.

If you are new to patchwork and quilting, I would recommend at the very least buying a small cutting mat, ruler set and rotary cutter – I have put a list of all my favourite items together here (affiliate link) if you would like to have a look!

Mindful Quilt Project

The Mindful Quilt Project is a 56 page ebook including

  • Full Size Templates
  • Step-by-Step instructions for 12 blocks
  • 3 Quilt designs
  • Progress Trackers

Mindful Quilt Projects made by others

MIndful Quilt Project Student Quilt
MIndful Quilt Project Student Quilt
MIndful Quilt Project Student Quilt
MIndful Quilt Project Student Quilt

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. Thanks.