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Last week I had the opportunity to go in and see my Mum for the first time since she went into hospital for her recent round of treatment. It’s been quite brutal this time round and she’s been having some alright days followed by some very not so good days.

I really wanted to take a little something in to cheer her up and after a bit of pondering I remembered the Denyse Schmidt Patchwork Dog. My mum loves dogs. It seemed the perfect gift! I picked up a couple of Happy Go Lucky mini charm packs from my local shop to save time as I only had a day to make it in

The two sides went together very quickly. The green sashing that joins them together not quite so easy – a bit of a faff, to be honest – but we got there eventually. I was going to add some button eyes but didn’t have quite the right shape/colour and decided in the end he looked good without so just added a nice ribbon for his collar. Doesn’t he look smart?

Archie the patchwork dog by fabricandflowersuk

He really didn’t want to go in the bag – he was far too keen to see what was going on around him! – and I felt a little mean when I covered his head with tissue paper!

Best of all, my Mum loved him and immediately named him Archie!

Hope you all have a great weekend,
Today’s sky ● grey and overcast with rain. I think Autumns coming!