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Mindful Quilt Along


A 12-month program for stitchers of all levels where we will practise creating each and every day by preparing and sewing a small block for 15-30minutes.

Each month will introduce a new block, so that by the end of the Quilt Along we will have covered many different skills and techniques. There are three layout options to choose from, based on making 20, 12 or 9 blocks a month.



Over the next 12 months, we will practise creating and sewing each and every day.

By working on just one block style each month, we will be able to focus on the meditative action of sewing daily, rather than trying to remember how each new block goes together!

Please read more detail about the Mindful Quilt Along here.

NOTE: £27 GBP is approximately $35 USD, subject to exchange rates


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