New ideas

As I’ve not been feeling very well lately, I’ve had lots of new ideas some of which have been small enough to match my energy levels!!!!

Like lots of sewists (if that’s even a word?!) I’ve got lots of scraps that I just can’t bear to throw away. And I was trying to think of something pretty and quick for when you want that quick satisfaction of having made something.

Sooooo, the Flower Button Hairclip was born 🙂

I’m sure that a lot of you will know how to make a fabric yo-yo but I thought I’d have a go at writing a little tutorial for you anyway!

The fabric yo-yo is made from a circle about 6cm wide (this gives a yo-yo of about 3cm). I cut a rough square of fabric and then folded my circle and fabric into quarters before cutting around my template. Sorry for the middle picture, I’ve now realised that using white paper on the white fabric was not the best idea!!!

Then sew a running stitch near the edge – the closer the stitches the more pleats you will get and then gently pull the thread until it’s all gathered up

Then added a little button in the middle to make it all pretty

It took me a couple of tries before I was happy with the attachment to the hairclip…..first off I just tried attaching the flower to the clip with a hot glue-gun but (with a reasonable tug) it came apart and I wasn’t sure that it would stand too much wear and tear from Little Girl. So next I used a nail file (‘cos that’s what I had close to hand, I’m sure sandpaper would also do the trick!!!) to roughen up the hairclip at the end and a little down each side so that the glue had something to stick to.

I then applied glue and stuck the two together. I used a hot glue gun on one and Gutterman Textile Glue (HT2) on the other, and both felt pretty strong.

And voila – a pretty little hairclip that took just a few minutes to make.

I think they’d be great in party bags or a quick last minute gift. I’m already thinking of all the different versions I could make maybe with a crochet flower 🙂


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