January in crochet

So today means I’m thirty-one days into my 2012 sky blanket and I’ve managed to catch up on weaving in some of the ends! I’ve decided that I really shouldn’t leave it ’til the end like I normally do……can you imagine how many ends that would be?!

The year started off in Wales as we’d been visiting some friends and it was pretty gloomy when I took this picture in Monmouth. Isn’t this landscape beautiful? I always love our visits to this part of the country.

There were quite a few days of brilliant blue sky at the beginning of January but the last few days have been a bit dreary and we’re even being threatened with a bit of snow so I might even get to use a bit of white!

The Stylecraft is working up really nicely and it’s going to be a warm blanket when it’s done. I’m really loving the cloudy and blue sky with cloud days at the moment as I’m enjoying the variegated yarn

So tomorrow’s the beginning of February and I’m wondering whether or not to add a little line, flower, button or something to show the start of a new month. I might put in a little marker just in case I want to add something later. What do you think?

Today’s sky • overcast & grey

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  1. February 1, 2012 / 4:56 pm

    Followed your link from babycentre crafty mums board, and ive really enjoyed reading it! Its making me want to do something while i'm sat here doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself, so may have to do a bit of research and planning 🙂

    Im really loving the sky blanket! Love crocheting, thinking i must learn how to do it myself!
    I also agree with you on the something to mark each month off. Its going to look amazing when finished at the end of the year, i cant wait to see the final product!

    Shell x

  2. February 1, 2012 / 10:03 pm

    Ah, thanks for the kind words Shell 🙂 I always find that a bit of crafting helps to cheer me up – you should totally learn crochet, it's so much fun and easy to pick up/put down around the littlies. A lot of people have said they found you tube really helpful. I did have a thought today about maybe adding a little charm at the beginning of each month eg. a heart for February, daffodil for March (then I ran out of ideas!)! Thanks for popping by x

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