I have a confession…..

You know how some people are really good at reading instructions and then following them properly? Well, I’m not one of them. I tend to see them as more, well guidelines I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, I do read things through (although I admit it’s sometimes more of a skim) and I think about them a lot. The problem is I just can’t resist little tweaks and often they don’t always turn out as good as I imagined or I end up causing myself way more work. The truth is that I should probably have just followed the instructions properly in the first place!!!

The sky scarf has been a great example: I didn’t do a tension square (too impatient) and after doing a couple of rows I started to get just a little worried about just how long the scarf would be….although I know there’s 365 days in a year I just hadn’t really thought about how long a 365 row scarf would be (around 11ft based on the rows I did – now I’m slightly above average height at 5’6″ but I’m thinking that even then it would be slightly excessive?!)

So today I did a bit of unravelling, a bit of thinking and I’ve got a new plan. A sky blanket! I’ve even done a bit of maths and a drawing!!!!!

I’m going to do four mini blankets and then join them all together with the colour for the last day of the year. I’ve started off with a base chain of 101 and at 90rows long I reckon it’s gonna be a sizeable blanket…..am already looking forward to snuggling under it. Have got a couple of different ideas for joining them together so will see how it goes and how I feel when it’s time to join them together.

Did any of you spy the pretty little tin in the picture? I popped into Boots today and they’re in the sale half-price…..I didn’t really need the biscuits that were in the tin (cranberry and orange – very tasty though!) but I just had to have that tin. Soooo pretty! Not sure what I’m going to put in it yet but it will look very pretty on my unit whilst I think about it,

Thanks for popping by x

Today’s sky • Blue Grey – blimey there’s been a lot of wind and rain!


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  1. January 4, 2012 / 9:48 pm

    Hello, am a blog newbie! Love the idea of the knitting the weather though I suspect theres going to be a lot of grey sky knitting at the moment! I am no knitter but I may 'do' something in fabric.
    Good luck
    Nic x

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